Cathodic Protection Training Course

Introduction to the second module

Students will by now realise that this course is very practical and based on the experience of Roger Alexander over a 30 year period.

In order that Cathodic Protection knowledge is transferred to many, it is now up to all students to share their knowledge through the Cathodic Protection Network.

The first section of this module is the history of cathodic protection as experienced by Roger Alexander.

Student are now required to add their own experience of this history in response

This will be circulated to all students as they continue with the course and it is therefore essential that we do not allow any CPN information out of the network or it will diminish the commercial value of being a member of CPN.

From this module onwards each student will be accumulating increasing ability to stop corrosion and earning capability. Each student will be required to review the reports of the students taking the preceding module.

CPN is often asked for Cathodic Protection engineers but will not recommend anyone on other qualification than completing this course successfully.

This module includes information about the business side of cathodic protection and corrosion control because this has had a greater effect on corrosion than the technical and scientific progress that makes control possible.
Module 2

  • Technical history of Cathodic Protection

  • Explanation of the reasons behind current trends in C.P.

  • Financial and operational benefits of CP.

  • Academic and scientific views of CP.

  • Introduction to measuring and monitoring

  • Theory behind the 'immediate off potential'

  • Practical, make two reference electrodes (half-cells)

  • Field trip with simple exercise in CP measurment requiring a report.

  • On-line real time discussion using MSN IM or Skype