The Cathodic Protection Network
A facility for practicing cathodic protection technologists.

A definitive criterion is now available for cathodic protection. It is that we stop corrosion. It is possible to implement this criterion as the Alexander Cell is simply a corrosion cell in closed circuit condition, primed with the backfill from the electrolyte close to the pipe metal.

The Cathodic Protection Network and Engeduto are the sole manufacturers and distributers of the Alexander Cell at present, but in order to make it easy for pipeline operators to stop corrosion and meet this criterion we are giving away these devices and offering training to their senior electrical and corrosion control engineers.

We have a training and research center constructed for the purpose of examining all facets of cathodic protection on pipelines and the Alexander Cell is in daily use at the center to demonstrate all present survey techniques as well as the advanced technology that has been made possible.

Cathodic Protection Network and Engeduto are completing construction of a dedicated cathodic protection training centre at Guararema SP Brazil.
Research & Development work is taking place and the first training courses have been successfully carried out. The facilities are now fully funtional and a schedule of training courses, conferences and seminars will be announced through our press office.

The founder of Cathodic Protection Network, Roger Alexander, devised the most successful method of detecting coating faults in 1975,

This is now in world-wide use, known as DCVG, using a galvanometer and two copper walking sticks. This is a simple method of detecting coating faults on steel pipelines that requires little training and no specialised equipment.

Roger Alexander was also part of the team that developed CIPS in the early 1980's while working on contract to North Thames Gas and The Gas Council of the UK.


It is now recognised that neither of these surveys can predict corrosion or determine the effectiveness of cathodic protection. This is clearly demonstrated on the pages of this website.

Cathodic Protection Network has the solution to this problem.

The 'Alexander Cell' is a corrosion cell constructed in such a way that the corrosion current can be measured.

A demonstration of the benefits of this new technology can be seen by clicking this link


This is a major step forward in corrosion control and is benefiting industry, the environment and energy conservation

CPN has an on-line, interactive training course that is being studied world wide. The first Module is free to members of NACE and standards authorities to help correct the misconceptions relating to the practical application of cathodic protection.


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