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Cathodic Protection is the application of the laws of electricity and electrochemistry. In nature these laws demand that electrical equilibrium is reached as described by the laws of thermodynamics. These natural laws are universal and must be obeyed no matter which country or ethnic beliefs prevail.
Psuedo science has taken over the corrosion control industry for purely financial reasons. The result is that nobody can get a job or contract unless they are members of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. This is corruption and is causing pipelines to leak, assets and the environment to be damaged. Cathodic Protection Network is promoting the solution to this international problem by applying the rules of science. We do not accept advice, recommendations, codes of practice or training that cannot be repeatedly observed to be scientific fact. In this way we do not make up procedures and specifications that favour financial groups or vested interests.

A physical Cathodic Protection Network exists and consists of all of the conductive paths in the world and all of the sources of electrical energy because the science of cathodic protection is the application of the laws of electricity superimposed over the laws of electrochemistry. Cathodic Protection Network is a global electronic circuit that is altered by the installation of electrical devices that effect the equilibrium between the ground (electrolyte) and each metallic interface with the ground.

Cathodic Protection Network is also a foundation that I initated over a decade ago to provide an internet facility and point of scientifically based, technical excellence for professionals who specialise in the application of corrosion control using electricity in a process that has been named 'cathodic protection'.
The reason that I founded Cathodic Protection Network was my dissatisfaction with the teachings of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and the Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology when I first worked in cathodic protection in the late 1960's.
I immediately found that the method of measuring corrosion was scientifically incorrect. Please left click the 'Introduction' button for an explanation and demonstration of this absolute fact.

Until my invention and introduction of the Alexander Cell there was no way to establish the point (criterion) at which cathodic protection had actually stopped corrosion
This is very important because cathodic protection cannot be computerized as long as there is no criterion that determins the electrical equilibrium between the metal of the pipeline (or structure) and the ground at the location of each coating fault. A computer is an adding machine that must have a zero to start adding from. Gibbs Free Energy proves that there can be no such thing as zero energy in the universe. All measurements of energy are between two values that the instrument has to set a nominal zero every time the meter is used. We must have a system that can relate all measurements in order to make any calculations at all.
The Alexander Cell is an arrangement of coupons in which the actual corrosion current is measured and this current stops when equilibrium is reached. When the Alexander Cell test is carried out it determins the exact equilibrium at which corrosion has stopped at that location. This can then be related to the conventional 'pipe-to-soil' voltage measurements recorded at that location to determine if the pipeline is corroded and if the corrosion reaction is continuing.

I presented a paper about this at two conferences in Brazil in 2009 and there has been no critisism or comment to challenge the scientific or technical credibility of this paper. As a result of the first conference I was asked to design and build the training and experimental center at Guararema, SP. Brazil.
I was later asked to present a paper to the European Corrosion Conference but the committee did not understand it and it was not given space. It is of great importance to science and corrosion control so I published it on my website for those intelligent enough to understand it. Click on the 'European Corrosion Conference' button to read the paper.

What can be done.

We need to manufacture at least 10 standard portable general purpose Alexander Cells like those that were originally manufactured and are now in use in many countries worldwide.

People using the Alexander Cell soon discover that it is an accurate method of establishing the effectiveness of cathodic protection as it allows corrosion to be seen as it is happening

and to see the immediate effect of adjusting the cathodic protection systems that effect that location.

The first reading is the natural reaction of steel to the ground (electrolyte) at that location.

The second reading is when the subject metal is connected to the Alexander Cell making it into an extra 'coating fault' to be protected by the cathodic protection systems effecting that area.

We need a map of all the pipelines in the UK on which we can base an electrical circuit diagram that can be computer analysed.

Concurrently we need to obtain news and information about all corrosion failures to pipelines and facilities together with historical data from records of surveys and monitoring activities.

We have an international software development team that needs a team leader for the UK. Please click on the 'software button' for information about software development.

We need to establish links between all universities and research establishments in the UK to link with the international network that is growing daily. Click on the 'universities' button to see those contacted and/or connected so far.

We are disruptive innovators

We are progressing the science and engineering technology of cathodic protection despite the opposition of major commercial groups who call themselves professional bodies. Since 1980 I have met opposition from many commercial organisations and associations of individuals who have a vested interest in the pseudo science that is marketed in the corrosion control world. These are far reaching and international.

We offer a unique service

Pipeline operators can avail themselves of our services if they are suffering from uncontrolled corrosion. We can only do this by co-ordinating all the activites required and there does not seem to be another organisation that is attempting to do this. We are NOT competitive because the science and engineering of corrosion control must be co-operative.

The way to address the present financial and organisational situation is through a structure that acknowledges the worth of all contributers and rewards them accordingly. This cannot be achieved by any of the political or social structures that presently prevail so we must take advantage of the technology that is now available because of the way in that computers work.

A software system known as blockchain technology is so secure that it removes trust from trade. A network of individuals can value their own time and ability to the project demanded of the network. If the whole of the network accepts the individual's offer to contribute (in the form of a personal budget in local currency) that individual becomes a member of the network with a say in all commercial matters that determine the fortune of the network. This can be likened to workplace democracy, a form of capitalism in which everyone has a voice in their own future wellbeing. This structure is defined more thoroughly in the notes to the master classes that follow from the 'introduction' link button.

I am now in Brazil and will be helping my friends to structure real science and technology into a functioning network that will allow each person to earn money from their understanding and ability to apply cathodic protection in order to control corrosion.