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People (AKA Human Resources)

This is me, who are you?

I am not left wing, right wing or any form of '****ist'.

I am an idea in an ocean of ideas. I am a Higgs Bosun like over 7 billion other human beings and as important as an ant or a butterfly. A flutter of my wings can cause a hurricane but I am entirely dependent on the environment I live in. I have nothing to be proud of and very little to be ashamed of because shame is taught and I am not easy to brain wash. I invented Zyxgimorphism because it was not in any dictionary or search engine and expresses my beliefs, politics and philosophy.

I have developed an understanding that results in the control of corrosion to networks of steel pipelines. In order to put this into practice I need people to manage scientists, software developers, engineers, technicians and operatives.

I need people to teach or retrain people into a group who can cooperate and synchronise their activities. In order to gather this company of individuals we need to identify the skills that are available.

People come with emotions, needs and desires and it is a mistake to regard them as human resources or numbers.

In the first instance we do not need a CV that is designed to get a specific job. We need a 'story of life' that describes your skills talents and problems.

All problems are really 'assets' as they show care and emotions.

Your first problem might be that you would like more money or a more interesting life.

Another problem might be that you lack comfort and health.

Another problem might be that you are in love.

Another problem might be that you have too many or too few children.

To some people religion might be a problem but it is a belief system and social discipline so might could be an asset.

Politics is also a belief system that adds discipline to society.

People come with problems that are distainfully called 'baggage'.

Emotions and personal problems are the priority of each person and must be addressed by any group that wants to engage the skills of any other human being.

Each individual is responsible for their own degree of honesty and openness.

A company is described as a group of warm bodies working together to a common goal and therefore all company matters must be open to everyone.