Cathodic Protection Network International Limited Registered at Companies House in the UK

Name & Registered Office:
RG12 0UL
Company No. 08505715


We must adapt to the new reality by communicating with those around us to make our local environment comfortable and fun for all. This link shows a way in which this can be done.

We must then link local environments to the extended natural boundaries and then across the natural barriers. We can do this by connecting with the social networks and business networks that are growing on all continents. I have created a page to make this simple but welcome suggestions to improve.

Finally we must network globally to make the benefits of global resources available to everyone without damaging the local environments in which real people live.

This whole algorithm requires local networking through all layers and can be achieved by a system similar to time banking.

We then need a method of exchange between local 'time banks' to reach agreement with area time banks that have different resources available.

We need a system of values and exchange of wealth and services that cannot be corrupted and this is available in virtual money using algorithms that cannot be replicated. This is like gold because it can be owned by individuals and can be transferred in the same way that our present currency is transferred. We can use the blockchain method of transfer that gets over the problem of cheating between traders.

The internet allows for the ledger to be held by all participants and is not in anyone’s control.

Each agreement is set, acted upon and verified in the whole network and can be likened to me putting a bucket of water in a lake at one side and the buyer taking a bucket of water out of that same lake at the other side. The blockchain checks that I put the water in and that the buyer only takes the same amount of water out.

These activities require communication throughout all the 'lakes and oceans' in the world and this is now available through the software developed and used by over a billion people subscribing to Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others.

The coming of the World Wide Web, smart phone technology and the mass media has changed commerce and there is no going back. The written word and ‘steam radio’ are still important but they are not flexible enough to reflect natural changes in humanity as a whole.

We must first enable free communication between all parties. This must be unconditional and without restriction so that we are able to recognise each person and their baggage. We therefore need to supply everyone with a laptop or tablet with sufficient speed and capacity to be part of the ‘project ledger’.

We must then coordinate and synchronise our activities based on the capability of everyone involved. This can be achieved using the techniques of relational data base and HTML links.(like these pages)

We can then publish the target of each of our projects and invite comments that will be recorded in a folder for each person.

We can then set prepared cooperative targets and goals that can be processed in the way of a traditional business plan or algorithm.

The normal way of carrying out international business will not be disturbed but the present log jam will be removed at its source.