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Business Plans

Business plans introduction.

During my time as head of an engineering section within Shell International I was required to understand international corporate financial structure and conform to the discipline of budgeting, estimating, competitive tendering. The system required that I controlled capital, maintenance and contingency project accounts. When I arrived there was money, people and materials available but these were not being managed successfully.

From 1978 to present I have followed the global monetary system and understand how it has evolved into it's present status.

I now find myself in a similar position with respect to global corrosion control that I was when I arrived in Nigeria in 1974.The global corrosion control community has gathered materials and knowledge plus personel but is fragmented. Consequently pieplines and facilities are corroding where they could be controlled. This is largely due to the monetary system.

Since the mid 1990's I have been asked to produce business plans by a variety of investors who have shown interest in my technology and have been guided by the Natwest Bank and Business link. I have also used the services of accountants and consultants to whom I have paid fees. I have specimens of these business plans available.

I am now preparing forward planning for my own company and for a cooperative of shipping workers who have skills, facilities and funding available. There are further projects that have been suggested and it is likely that the template that I am preparing will have application across industry as it solves many problems that are presently identified by financiers, politicians and industrialists, globally.

I am now preparing a template that can be used for writing specific business plans from the perspective of the human resources and skills available. These plans will be submitted to asset owners and financial controllers who hold the capital assets and facilities that demand cash flow.

This is now possible due to the changed financial environment provided by the internet, social networking and virtual money.

Business plans should be discussed from the bottom up, from day one. This can be done with the presence of unions (if that is what those involved would like). However, union representatives will be regarded as individuals speaking for themselves alone as will everyone else in the project discussions.

The starting point of every project will be the identification of a market need. This will be a function of the social networks and information available to everyone.

Example 1. News of a pipeline explosion can draw global attention to the need to identify the cause. From there a project can be identified to investigate the cause and define a solution to the problem.

Example 2. A groups of skilled workers and managers have facilities available that are not presently used and need financial structure and cash flow that will enable the cooperative to supply services and capital wealth into the global system.

At present the financial structure is such that governments create money through the central banks who issue this on a secret competitive basis. Contractors then define projects that can make them a profit in money. They propose these projects to the banks as business plans.

The business plan is based on assumptions drawn from past experiences and budgets are defined using cash flow forecasts that might not have any basis in reality.

In the present system, a failed project is simply written off and the persons responsible get their wages and expenses for the time spent. This is a total waste of time, skills and expertise.

In the proposed system the investment would yield positive benefits from day one and would not be disrupted by wrong assumptions and emotional baggage that comes as part of every human being.

I have written other documents pertaining to this subject that are circulated for comments that will be edited in as they arrive.