Cathodic Protection Network International
Pipeline Corrosion Control

No longer registered at Companies House in the UK

Name & Registered Office:
RG12 0UL

My technology is a threat to existing companies
who offer a service in corrosion control and
I have been financially ruined by trying to
work overtly and honestly.

The function of Cathodic Protection Network International is to control corrosion to the external surface of buried and submerged steel pipelines.

Cathodic Protection Network is a true definition of the metalic component of the electrical circuit formed by all of the worlds pipelines, railways, power transmission systems and other metalic structures that are submerged in the common electrolyte that composes the ground. All parts fo this global circuit affect all others parts and there is no possible way to control the electrical charges in one component that will not reflect on the electrical equilibrium of the whole global network.
This is recognised in science, engineering and governance by the requirement for corrosion committees to arrange the co-ordination of the electrical sources of energy in order that owners and operators do not cause accelerated corrosion to any part of any system.

Cathodic Protection Network is also the name of the internet facility that I founded to allow free exchange of information and data that enables specialists to practice the control of corrosion by electrical means.

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