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RG12 0UL

United Kingdom

A car load of my documents, instruments, demonstration models and other property was taken from my possession and even though I have been permanently deprived of this (and the car it was in) I have not been able to recover it. My claim of theft was rejected by the police who were told that this was a civil matter. I did not have the money to follow this matter through at the time but have full legal documentation and so am free to publish all of this, in the hope of drawing litigation from the other party (at their expense).
We are disruptive innovators

We are progressing the science and engineering technology of cathodic protection despite the opposition of major commercial groups who call themselves professional bodies.
We offer a unique service

Pipeline operators can avail themselves of our services if they are suffering from uncontrolled corrosion. We can only do this by co-ordinating all the activites required and there does not seem to be another organisation that is attempting to do this. We are NOT competitive because the science and engineering of corrosion control must be co-operative.