RG12 0UL

Technotoy Stage 8
Specification of dynamic corrosion control software.

1. Recognize the ratified and codified laws of electro-chemistry.

2. Interpretation of each word used.

3. Prove the integrity of each 'object'.

4. Write formula for each object.

5. Make an electrochemical model and test each object.

6. Make an equivalent circuit and test each object.

7. Combine electrochemical model and equivalent circuit and test each object.

8. Combine a single corrosion cell system and test all objects.

9. Combine two corrosion cells and integrate with a complete electrochemical/equivalent circuit and test all objects.

10. Apply all objects and formulae to a single span of real pipeline with a single CP system.

11. Identify all influences on the system and extrapolate data to define 'interference objects'.

12. Use available live data produce first real dynamic model.

13. Use historical data to extrapolate real time condition of subject pipeline/facility.

14. Evaluate the software.

This is a corrosion cell.

This is the trigger