Masterclass and two day training seminar

Period 13

Human resources

  • This activity will co-ordinate supply and demand for the people who are needed to control corrosion.

  • The coordinator of each region of our network will be the "gossip watcher" who will follow the chat on all media to make sure that everyone is informed.

  • the coordinator will maintain the network of discussions to be able to identify each the ability and understanding of each contributer.

  • There can be consideration of certificate 'levels' or 'length of service' as our network goal is simple to control corrosion.

  • Our concept of certification is that each person who registers will be allocated their understanding and ability status for each specialised subject that they claim.

  • This can be judged by demonstrations and comments uploaded by each individual and retained in their personal folder.

  • Recruitment will be by everyone for everyone.