Windscrean heat mats

Some years ago I was working on a 'cold start test' for a car manufacturer during which we were required to start driving from cold and stop driving after exactly 3 miles. The car then had to stand for at least 3 hours to allow the engine to cool down completely before the next run. There was a problem when the weather got frosty in the mornings as our breath used to frost the windows on the inside even though we had defrosted the outside.
I invented the heat mat and it was used sucessfully so the test could continue in safety.

Other workers noticed the success of the heat mats and I had to make more to sell to people who saw them in action. I also noticed several accidents in the morning drives, in which the windscreen of the offending vehicle was steamed up with a small patch where the driver had obviously cleared the outside with a poluting chemical de-froster. I believe a large proportion of accidents happen within a mile of the start and this could be a contributary factor.

Heat mats apply a very small amount of heat in exactly the area it is needed to raise the glass above the temperature at which condensation can occur. There is no possibility of the windscreen shattering as with water from a kettle.
The effect is instant and amazing to see. Using a set of four heat mats, in less than a minute without getting your hands cold, you can get in and drive off safely.
Heat mats last about two years and can be produced from materials readily available on the retail market.

I again contacted Business Link and followed all their advice. They put me in touch with the person in charge of prison work who said that he could organise prisoners to sew the components together. This is not an option and apparently they are not allowed to use glue.

I have sold a few and tried to organise their manufacture and sale. There is a demand.... Halfords want them but they want to make a 600% profit.

Local shops want them but I am unable to make enough.

Poland would be an ideal place to manufacture and market them as they have a lot of older cars and guaranteed cold weather for a longer period.

I had an enquiry from a distributer in Holland but was unable to follow it up.

I want them on the market at a cheap price so that they can save polution and make driving safer.

I am now trying to encourage the government to allow Business Link to help products to become available to the public. At the present time I am being told that they can only advise, and many years of personal, documented experience, it is clear that Business Link is still totally ineffective.

I am not even able to arrange a meeting to discuss innovation.