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There is no energy crisis as the human body is net exothermic

We give off heat.

The problem is to control the amount of heat we dispose of.

Clothes are the primary control. Accomodation is the secondary control. Transport modules are the next control. Covered activity areas are the final control.

We generate heat when we live. When we eat some of the food is used to generate heat to keep our body temperature level. some of it is used to power the process of eating and digestion, some to power our thinking and the rest for movement. The excess of heat is vented through our mouths and skin by evaporation etc.

Our clothes could be designed to control heat better especially when we are old and our bodies are not so efficient in this respect.

Accommodation and housing.
click link to a page about domestic heat exchngers

We really do not need to heat our houses as our bodies give off enough heat for us to survive. What about the Eskimos and igloos?

Low heat light bulbs do not conserve energy. To keep warm people need the heat that is given off by traditional lighting including candles and the matches that light them. We need efficient insulation and

Transport is a complete cock up. We burn hydrocarbons to move us from one place to another then get on excercise machines to burn off energy giving off heat that we do not use. If vehicles were made of expanded polystyrene and aluminium they would be light enough to be 'people' propelled. The brakes could be designed to capture forward motion. Transmission would be electric and energy exchange would be electro-chemical.

Waste products produce usable energy which should be stored and containers should be re-used where possible.

The heat of the Sahara should be captured and conducted to the cold parts of the world.

War is a waste of energy. Loving is not.