Do YOU want to eat cakes made of mud?

The BBC world service reported that many people in Kenya are eating cakes made of a little butter, a little salt and MUD!
Not because they like them but because they make starving to death less painful.

Hearing this made me ashamed of myself for not doing something about it.

But there is something we could do about it. Buy them some food and give it to them.

How? Buy some extra at ASDA and do not take it home but ask ASDA to deliver it to the people they buy food from in Kenya.

They wouldn't do that as it would cost the too much.

But they could make a profit if they opened and ASDA in the poor area of Kenya and sold the food there at a profitable price.

The only difference it would make to them is that they would get their money in hard currency in the UK, all the other logistics would be the same as any of their stores in any part of the world.

This idea would allow us all to see if democracy really works! If the world wants to vote with their pockets istead of their mouths they can feed people who are starving to death by using the global food market. We are told that a big problem in the developed world is obesity so there cant be a shortage of food.... lets see if those obese people are just selfish pigs killing themselves by their lack of self control, or if they have a small amount of compassion and lose a bit of weight by giving some of their weekly food intake to those who need it most.

You might think that charities can do a lot better and that organisations such as Oxfam are puting the money to good use by allowing starving people to grow their own food etc. Oh yeah...... how long do they need to do this? They are bogged down with politics and corruption. Charity workers pay themselves good wages and most of the money given never gets to the use it is intended for by the doners.

How is my proposal better? Well, Asda is part of a global food dealer which is already working locally as a buyer. They can use the local politics and corruption to enhance their business. They can make sure their local staff can buy food in their own Asda or WalMart store and can increase the supply according to demand. The rest of the world simply has to buy food at their own local store and that local Asda staff can give it or sell it to those who cannot afford to buy it at normal prices. Sure there will be corruption but it will be market based.... and in food! There will be no advantage to anyone to restrict the supply of food ... the more that is sold the more the dealers make.

If I get no reaction from Asda in about four weeks I will approach other supermarkets.