Cathodic Protection Training Course

This course is available for free

However, to get certification you must own a block in the CPN Blockchain.
The initial value of a block is £100 and this can be paid in cash or work to the value of £100.
  • The blockchain is like a shop and each block is a particular catagory of stock items. Proof of work is agreed by all blockowners and the value of the CPN Blockchain is the value of all the work that has been put in. The blockchain is an open ledger similar to a daily stocktake in a shop that is updated automatically as items are sold or bought.
  • The initial value of the blockchain is the number of blocks times £100 =£10,000 and that represents the value that I have GIVEN to the CPN Blockchain from my accumulated life's work.
  • IThe CPN White Paper that I published on 22nd January 2020 is on each block inthe CPN Blockchain and is accessible to you alone through your own web page on this domain
  • When you own a block you can can participate in Cathodic Protection Network and receive financial rewards for your input.
  • Email me :-

    There are no annual fees because each of you are adding to the value of the whole CPN Blockchain.
    As part of your responsibility we require that you participate in the 'open ledger' structure that allows the computer software to control our interactions. This moves the element of trust onto science itself and away from individuals (including myself).