Cathodic Protection Training Course

This course is no longer available for free

It is available for those who have bought the CPN White Paper that I published on 22nd January 2020 for the price of £100 per registered copy that will then be accessible to you alone through your own web page on this domain
The only way to buy a copy is to email me with details of your identityso that I can register you on the blockchain open ledger so that you can participate in Cathodic Protection Network and receive financial rewards for your input.
Email me :-
I will send you instructions how to buy your registered copy of the White Paper and details of the benefits that you will get for your money. This exceeds everything you get from NACE and ICorr for your membership fees and any courses you might buy from them and our certification does not have a legal disclaimer relating to the advice that we give.
In the event of our advice not fullfilling it's function we will support everything in any court in any country.
As part of your responsibility we require that you participate in the 'open ledger' structure that allows the computer software to control our interactions. This moves the element of trust onto science itself and away from individuals (including myself). I have to charge for the White Paper to cover my personal expaenses andget some reward for my own work.