Cathodic Protection Training Course

Module 4

Two coated pipes with coating faults

The sponge is cut to accommodate the pipes in the equivalent of the sub-soil.

Two pieces of super absorbant cloth are cut to represent the 'selective back-fill' in which pipelines are buried.

The two pipes are laid on the cloth strips and then pressed into the 'trenches'.

An overlay of cloth with holes for the test posts is soaked with water.

This creates an electrical representation of two pipelines running parallel, each having two coating faults on the 'belly'.

The two pipes have now been connected to the cathodic protection system. The transformer rectifier is connected to a wet cloth that is clamped to the metal surrounding the pipeline area. This gives a general simulation of a groundbed in remote earth. This wet cloth is continuous with the cloth in which the pipelines are submerged.

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