Cathodic Protection Training Course

Module 3

'Errors' or mistakes made by people using instruments

It has long been recognised that there are errors in the data that has been recorded relating to cathodic protection field work. These errors have all been refered to as 'the IR drop in the soil'

NACE has recognised that there are difficulties in making 'open circuit measurements'.

CPN has always recognised the inherent errors in conventional CP measurements and has developed a suit of procedures to take advantage of the features that cause them.

Two papers in this course define the errors in practical and scientific terms.

The drawing above is intended to draw the attention of the field corrosion engineer to the circuit that he is engaging with every time he makes a cathodic protection field measurement.

CPN has exact technology based on exact science and a member of CPN must always work in a disciplined way that renders high quality data that is capable of being computer analysed.

By following the exact steps defined in CPN procedures we can be sure that we are following engineering and valid scientific practices that evaluate the conditions surrounding corrosion.

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