Cathodic Protection Training Course

Module 3

Codes of Practice

There are numerous codes of practice that have been published and revised over the years but none of them have been based on scientific principles as outlined in this course.

I would suggest that all students try to follow all written codes of practice and carry out a detailed examination and report of the results.

The first module of this course is in fact such a critique and CPN has received no answer from the many communications sent to those issuing those codes of practice.

We, therefore, cannot say that they are wrong but we can definitely prove that we are correct.

It is a fact that the British Standards Code of practice CP1021 was withdrawn by the chairman of the BSI committee as a result of the presentation made by Roger Alexander to the London Branch of Inst Corr Sc and Tech

I got no response from the Institute relating to this presentation and sent the following letter.

Still no response from the Institute

They then responded.

J.H.Morgan was an established consultant with many published papers based on the use of the half-cell as a reference.

I received the following letter from Jim Gosden.

Many years later I was requested by a University in the USA to contribute to an appraisal of the American standards with reference to this whole subject.

NACE have no single criterion for the achievement of cathodic protection.

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