Cathodic Protection Training Course
Module 3

Bench Work

The purpose of the bench work in this course it to help the student visualise electricity. Cathodic protection engineers must be able to use their instruments to 'see' what is happening as a result of corrosion and to 'see' the results of the cathodic protection systems that they install, commission and adjust.

We need a plastic tray of earth or sand which we can keep dry or damp and saturate with different purities of water. We need steel nails, batteries a multi-meter and an assortment of connectors.

The pictures on this page give you and idea of how you 'play around' to prove to yourself the contents of Module 03 and to start you visualising the content of the whole course.

You will see that the half cell is not used in the above pictures and that the results of sticking the nichol plated copper probes into the sand yield useful data.

In the next picutures you will see that we use super absorbant cloth instead of sand.
This is because it is easier to transport and can more readily show the stains from corrosion product.

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