Field Work.
Find a pipeline cathodic protection test point convenient to your own location and ascertain that you are allowed to take readings from this test point.

You must contact the owner of the pipeline and conform to any regulations relating to this test point.

This will take a few days unless you already have such arrangements in place.

It will also be an opportunity to introduce the course to others.

You should try to meet the corrosion engineer resposible for the cathodic protection or the person who has been nominated as responsible.

If there is no such person then it might be opportune to offer your services.


1. Describe the test point.

2. Describe the pipeline to which it is attached.

3. Describe the access available for testing.

4. Describe the environment in which the pipeline is installed.

5. Describe any metalic constructions in the vicinity.

6. Describe any electrical installations which are visible.

7. Produce a map and schematic showing the above.