Cathodic Protection Training Course

Examples of records

Typical pipe to soil 'potential readings' taken at intervals at CP test facilities along a pipeline

The measurement was to be taken in the way shown below but no such drawing was available to operators.

Some locations had the position for the placement of the Cu/CuSO4 electrode provided. It was sometimes a short length of concrete pipe set upright in the groundand filled with soil or sand.

Monthly readings were taken at manifolds and pressure reducing stations.

In the early 1980's the CIPS survey was introduced and the results were reported manually and the results were plotted in graph format.

Teams of technicians took 'pipe-to-soil potentials' using a trailing conductor to the CP test post, noting them manually to have them entered into a main frame computer.

The Alexander Cell was used successfully during this survey

Recording voltmeters were used during this period to adjust voltages eliminating temporal fluctuations.

They were also used to record CIPS surveys and show the 'on' and 'off' voltages as well as the zero voltages when the electrode was not in contact with the ground.

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