The global state of corrosion control.
The corruption of science has caused corrosion that has damaged the pipeline and energy industry more than terrorism.

Marketing (propaganda) has monopolised the international organisations that are supposed to provide a hub of excellence for corrosion control.

This has been corrupted further by the patent and copyright system that has monetarised academia and the scientific community.

Professionals are now only judged by how much money they receive and the bits of paper they acquire in the form of certificates and qualifications.

These elite retain their power by a system of peer review in which the main consideration is to agree what is good for the elite themselves.

I have been effectively removed from making a living from my knowledge, experience and scientific advances that I have initiated and developed.

I do not have money, but it's not important, because money is created by a process of corruption between politicians and the rich.

My only cash flow is a UK state pension that are the equivalent of a Universal Basic Income and I can live comfortably without any luxuries in life. I do not have any debt on which to pay interest as this would be impossible. I have spent all my savings on the advancement of my knowledge and understanding of corrosion control.

I have detailed understanding of corrosion and how to control it using science, technology and engineering procedures.

I am being asked to guide many people who have problems that they cannot resolve.

The majority of the people who ask me for work do not want work, they simply need money to survive or would like more money to enjoy life better. This is OK providing the are willing to learn the application of the science of corrosion control. It is not sufficient to continue with practices that do not work because it is not sensible to repeat the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

The world of corrosion control is presently dominated by two commercial organisations that have established certification that they sell globally. The advice they give is not sound science or credible electronic technology so it does not work and corrosion is not controlled.

I am addressing the problem that the establishment is failing to address by eliminating the influence of money and using computer logic.

The way forward is to practice real corrosion control in a scientific and engineering way.

To this end it is essential that we have enough scientists and engineers cooperating in a self disciplined network to put into practice the research and development, data acquisition, software and hardware development, manufacture and design that is required to understand and use the laws of nature to control corrosion to networks of pipelines and facilities.

The seminar and master classes that I have written set out the steps that must be taken to control corrosion. Please look at the link that is accessed by a left click on this button.

Corrosion is costing lives, causing environmental damage, massive financial loss and political unrest. If you are one of many experienced engineers and specialists looking for work we must cooperate to offer the service of controlling.

This service cannot be effective when delivered in the established way with competition, fragmented activities and restricted information flow.

I have put in place a structure, described in the following links, that will allow us all to work together to create the service and present this the solution to the problem of corrosion to governments, investors, asset owners and operators who are presently suffering massive financial losses.

How Cathodic Protection Network functions

Cathodic Protection Network (abreviated to CPN) is not hierachal or level management but takes advantage of the system of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language (HTML) that allows 'links' to connect with individual pages in any direction within a 3 dimensional structure. This is how the internet works, relational data bases work and how layered spread sheets work.

In this structure individuals, groups or companies may be part of the science and technology of CPN by adding to the intellectual property and having ownership of the equity that they have added.

This combines the benefits of capitalism, socialism, workers cooperatives and personal freedom of choice.

This is possible because of personal communcations through mobile phones and the social media, combined with the well established practice of time banking and the transparent trading possible using blockchain technology.

We must recognize that it is no good being the only person in the world who has a telephone. The more telephones there are the better the communication system becomes and this improves the quality of life for everyone. The computer is just an adding machine but is now used to make mathematical decisions that affect us all. When this is used to make engineering decisions that are based on the laws of science the results are deterministic and constant. That is why computers have blown the lid off the guesswork and opinions that have caused corrosion control to fail.

People who ant to participate in Cathodic Protection Network will be allocated a page on this website and be linked to the whole of our international network.

Please use the link buttons to read about each activity.