Two day training seminar

Period 14

Financial control

Money The financial structure of the company will be organised so that the people who function as part of the activities to control corrosion will set their own requirements for reward and expenses.

  • They will make their own estimates and submit their own budget proposals.

  • This will overcome that problem of monetary dissent and disruption.

  • The company will pay all moneys received to those company members who carry out the work to make the cash flow possible.

    The accountant will document all of the moneys passing through the company according to the law in each country of operation.

  • The financial controller will make and control the arrangements for each client to pay for each company project.

    The company will not be party to secret tenders. The common goal of the company is to control corrosion.

  • The concept being that we have skills that enable us to control corrosion and we will control corrosion for those who have made satisfactory financial arrangements to pay for this service.

    The financial controller alone can make arrangements for short term loans to cover the efficient running of the activities. The company itself will never be responsible to pay 'interest' to anyone or any body.

    The financial controller will approve and make arrangements for cash flow based on the financial control systems used by many multi-national companies and organisations.


    Employees of our company will be paid the wages and expenses that have been arranged through the financial controller and accountant. The company itself will have no monetary value but members of the company will receive the amount they require in fees and expenses that have been negotiated direct with the client by the financial controller.

    It is intended that the company has value in ability to deliver corrosion control and that financial arrangements will not interfere with the provision of this service.

    The company

    A company is a group of warm bodies working together to a common goal.

    Cathodic Protection Network International Limited is registered at Companies House, London, UK

    Company No. 08505715

    The company registration documents have been copied and uploaded at the following link

    Period 14 Control