Two day training seminar

Period 10

Software development

The CPN Dynamic Project
  • This is best based on simple spread sheets because they allow the basic laws of electricity to be expressed in numbers.

  • The spread sheets need to be interface with the main database.

  • Data acquisition

    Surveyors must be equipt to gather Voltages, Currents, Temperature and pH values.

    Data entry is best fixed by date/time/location using Google Earth co-ordinates.

  • Data entry shall be direct from probes and instantly displayed on the surveyors tablet and at the control centre.


    The first layer of the display shall be on a Google Earth type of entry.

    The data and graphs should be available at the click of the mouse or touch of the screen.

    All information and data should relate to the exact geo-location and time.

    This software must be user friendly and the displayed information must be dynamic and attractive.

    This software should inspire and motivate as well as control.

    Cathodic protection is three dimensionsl by nature and the software must make it possible to zoom in on a three dimensional basis while being animated to show current direction and shaded to show potential values.

    The best way to achieve this is by open source working in a similar way that all global software is developed. Any attempt at restrictive practices will fail as the nature of the internet has changed all ownership of intellectual property for ever.